Well here we are with a new site

     It has been a while hasn't it? Well several things conspired to make this re-write. I got busy in life (add two kids and time for hacking drops dramatically), someone hacked the site (BeLa), I band-aided the site, someone else attempted to hack it again, and I decided to toss the whole damn CMS all together and go with basically static HTML, as I will not be adding a whole lot to the site anymore.

     So, for those of you who still use this site as a reference I have left the old assed up site, also that is currently the only way to get to the Gallery photos, and the Parts Encyclopedia (Update: 25MAY2007 encyclopedia is done, gallery is a bitch). Once I figure out the best way to set those up here I'll post them on the top menu.

     As you can guess I'm abandoning the forums, and membership requirements for access to anything (once I get it all moved over, the old site still needs you to be a member). The site is going to be fully supported by ads. Please consider clicking on some of them if you find the topic interesting. (starting with the one above if you need any batteries ;) ;)

Out of touch and busier than hell

     Alrighty, I'm back!

WHOOOOO 200,000 hits! that is kinda cool, ya know?

O.K. here's the deal. I've found a nice middle ground between time spent on xboxes and on the rest of my life. I will do repairs, but the turn around time is going to be 3-6 weeks so be prepared for that ;-)

Finally, my last venture is almost complete: Glass Case Jewels. Yup, Dichroic Glass designs fused to a clear backplate, hand made, hand fused, each one is one of a kind. They will be $85.00 each (Iím working on a possible backlight kit to include). Trust me, they look awesome. When they are ready Iíll announce it here and link to a page where you can select and buy the individual one you like.

Comments about this can be left in the feedback section of the Forum (Itís a public post enabled forum). No matter what I will keep this site's content up (likely live as well). If anyone wants to co-admin the site let me know. I'm likely to be a bit picky about it, so don't take it personal if I say no.

**If you wish to help me buy a box to tear apart Paypal to: networkboy@gmail.com. In the field for notes say: for 360 teardown fund. Currently at: $20.00
Seriously, if I get enough donated that I can buy an Xbox360 straight up with this money, I will buy one and make a component list in the encyclopedia just like for the Xbox 1. If I don't get enough for that I will do something else cool with the money (develop a couple controller hacks, donate it to a cool dev team, or pay my bandwidth fees with it).

Cheers all (and see ya round),