Pre 2007 Installing a new hard drive (make your own autoinstaller)

repairsEver wonder how Slayer's or Firefuckers autoinstallers work? Ever want to have the joy of easily installing a new hard disk with one but wish it had the newest applications and dashboards? Well wish no more! In this tutorial I'll show you how to make your own autoinstaller, with all the applications you want and none of the crap you don't. ;)More about: Rants

Pre 2007 The easy way to read CDs on your Xbox.

repairsOr: How to get around all the troubles caused by owning a Thompson.More about: Rants

Pre 2007 Building an Atari Joystick adaptor out of a broken controller

repairsI loved my Atari 2600 growing up. I still get a kick out of playing the games I so fondly remember... River Raid, Adventure, and *q-bert being among my favorites. What was missing was the ability to use my old joysticks as well (still had them even though my console bit the dust long ago). So I hacked up an old Xbox controller and what follows is quite an adventure in making "what's old is new again" (thanks RvB).More about: Rants

Pre 2007 Quick tutorial on soldering

repairsFirst time soldering? Having trouble? Have a friend who's got no idea what's going on? Read this (my first tutorial).More about: Rants