Pre 2007 Microsoft actually makes money on the Xbox

repairsI am sick and tired of people (mostly script kiddies) saying that M$ would make money on the Xbox even if they sold it at $100.00. I saw a post on this just today (posted 25June04 on XS). That people can't seem to accept a company would sell something cheaper than it cost to make in order to gain market share for their games astounds me. Even when faced with relatively sane numbers and logical arguments they hold on to their flawed beliefs. Further pressure produces hostility.More about: Rants

Pre 2007 A quick little rant about asinine component replacement

repairsWhy is it that people think they can take a wild guess and replace a missing component with some random part?More about: Rants

Pre 2007 An open letter to Microsoft about the Xbox2 / next

repairsThis seems to be a trendy thing to be doing these days. So I figured I'd write my own ;). In all reality though I am very serious in this letter and welcome a response from Microsoft on these issues. Furthermore, if they would sign a disk, bootable in my un-modded Halo edition box with both Ed's Debian and XBMC on it I would happily pay them $100 for it. Hopefully the entire community would be willing to do the same. I think it is highly unlikely that we can get Microsoft to embrace the modding community, but just think of the possibilities if it were to happen!More about: Rants

Pre 2007 An open letter to Microsoft about the Xbox gaming console system

repairsWhile my previous letter looks forward to the Xbox next, this one focuses squarely on how things work at Microsoft and how they view the current modding community. Itís a pretty good read so go for it. Iíll integrate any comments I receive (and like), and Iíll forward it off to M$ (if I can find a good e-mail address to send it to) if the votes and comments all think its good.More about: Rants

Pre 2007 Rat Bastard! (updated 11/24/04 13:43)

repairsYesterday I was DOS'd by ######.##. I take exception to this and view it as an attack on an extension of myself. While I was still red-hot under the collar I posted an offer to pay anyone who hacked his site. Said offer is now rescinded, and I apologize for stooping so low. I received the following e-mail this morning:More about: Rants

Pre 2007 Useless Repeating Questions

repairsJust what it says.More about: Rants

Pre 2007 If you are old enough; register (and go) Vote !!!!

repairsWould you like to be thrown in jail for making an MP3?
Do you want CD writers to be illegal?
Would you like your computer destroyed for sharing your own music?
Would you like VCRs to be illegal?More about: Rants