Hacks and General Knowledge

Pre 2007 Halo2 dissection

repairsAfter playing the best game ever for 14 hour solid post launch (I really didn't download the leaked copy) I decided enough eye candy and started to dissect the disk. Here is what I've found so far: More about: Knowledge

Pre 2007 Hacking the Seagate hard drive

repairsAs I've explored how to tease the secretes of the password out of the xbox hard drives I've learned some very interesting (even if not terribly useful) things about the Seagate 10.2 gig (white label) drive. I figure that rather than keep all this information horded up and kept to myself I'll share it instead. More about: Knowledge

Pre 2007 D0 on MCPx is found!

repairsD0 has been found on the MCPx! now if you have pulled the trace all the way back you don't have a dead board any more!

Shouts go out to Perplexor (a member here and at Xbox-Scene) for finding it. More about: Knowledge

Pre 2007 How Emulators Work (and why there will never be PS2 on Xbox)

repairsEmulators. The best use of computing power I think I've ever seen! In this tutorial I'll explore the fundamentals of what happens inside an emulator. Hopefully this will help some of the people out who want to run PS2 games on their Xbox to understand why this will never (ever) happen. More about: Knowledge

Pre 2007 EvoX Flash and ROM hashes

repairsOver on the EvoX forums a user submitted one of the most comprehensive lists of ROM hash codes and FLASH IDs for an EvoX ini file that I think I've ever seen. The read more link will bring you to the list or a link to a downloadable rar file if you'd prefer. More about: Knowledge

Pre 2007 Adding (external) storage to the Xbox

repairsThroughout my travels on the web I have seen a recurring theme about expanding storage on the Xbox. More about: Knowledge

Pre 2007 How hard disk locking works

repairsWe've all seen it on the forums (about 3 times a week or more on X-S) "Hey, my Xbox hard drive is locked and I want to use it in my PC, but I don't have the box any more. How do I unlock the drive?" More about: Knowledge

Pre 2007 Professional Emulation

repairsHere is an awesome article about "machine simulation" (emulation) of the old "Big Iron" machines. The PDP's and VAX's of the world are failing and disappearing from the face of the planet. How to remember them? Emulation! Read on for a pros take on what goes into emulating these beasts and take note that the same effort goes into doing a good job on MAME, Stella, or your favorite game emulator. More about: Knowledge

Pre 2007 Why should I care about resistors?

repairsSo here I was on the forums the other day and I came across a post asking what the little resistors near the LPC actually did. While I would like to assume most people hacking around in their boxes know what they are doing, sadly I've been proven wrong on that more times than I care to say. So with that in mind, here is a little knowledge base / tutorial about what some of those components actually are and what they are there for.
Updated 28SEP2005 for factual error. -nB More about: Knowledge

Pre 2007 The Xbox Ethernet subsystem

repairsI've seen many posts about Ethernet problems. There are many tutorials out there that cover the logical side of networking the Xbox, but not many cover the physical side of the network. I think it's time to do something about that. More about: Knowledge