Quick tutorial on soldering

First time soldering? Having trouble? Have a friend who's got no idea what's going on? Read this (my first tutorial).

Flux is your friend.

Use rosin core solder and rosin flux

Never use Acid core solder or flux on electronics (with one exception: NiChrome wire)

Get a good soldering iron if you are going to do this often. $200 is not very expensive as far as high quality soldering irons go. (If this is a one time job, then the 15 watt radio shack pencil iron with the three prong power connector may work o.k.)

Instructions for soldering surface mount components:

1) Clean the pads with the solder wick so they are shiny (don't scrub)
2) Put a drop of flux on the pads (one drop for both is plenty)
3) Touch the soldering iron to one pad and then touch the solder to the pad (not the iron!!)
3b) There should be a 'tiny' hill of solder on the pad.
4) Place the component to solder in place with the tweezers (continue holding the component)
5) Heat the hill of solder and lightly press the component down. It should sink into the solder
6) Remove the soldering iron (keep holding steady with the tweezers)
7) Remove the tweezers after the solder has hardened.
8) Place the soldering iron on the other side of the component, touching both component and pad
9) Place a bit of solder onto the corner between the component and pad and make a nice 'fillet'
10) Clean the flux off with alcohol

Hope this helps