Binaries FAQ

Half rant, half educational on why it's a bad idea to hop on a forum and type "where can I download {whatever} from?" This attempts to answer that question without having to get into a bitching contest each and every time.

you have been pointed to this page because you asked for binaries on a forum that does not allow this. sorry.

here is a Little Q & A about why you were pointed to this site:

Q: Where are the binaries on this page? I was told I could get Evox / BIOS files / Ripped Games / Etc. here?
A: There are none. You can't.
Q: Then why did the {edited} on the forum send me here?
A: Because you asked for binaries. If you read the sticky that I am sure was there you would see it said not to ask for any code that may be protected by M$ copyright.
Q: You're a bunch of dicks who don't want to help us noobs!
A: That's not a question, it's a statement. In all reality though, we are not trying to be mean to you in any way. We were all newbies once and we do remember what it was like. It's just that we enjoy our forums and if we started to pass out binaries then M$ would sue us to pieces and the forum would cease to exist. Besides, some of us would lose our jobs if we handed out binaries freely and that would really suck!
Q: I still think you're a bunch of elitist dicks!
A: Not much I can do about that then. I guess it must be a personal problem. See a shrink :)
Q: Ok. Ok. I've come around and I don't want to cause you guys to get in all that trouble but I still need binaries.
A: Then get them from: the usual places If that page isn't working then I'm still working on it. Check back later.
Q: Dude I don't understand those tutorials.
A: Sorry, I did not write them.
Q: Your HTML skills suck, your site sucks, your {insert something related to this site here} sucks.
A: I know. I'm lazy. Deal.
Q: why are all these blank Q and A's sitting here
A: not enough questions worth answering :)