If you are old enough; register (and go) Vote !!!!

Would you like to be thrown in jail for making an MP3?
Do you want CD writers to be illegal?
Would you like your computer destroyed for sharing your own music?
Would you like VCRs to be illegal?

If Orrin Hatch has his way, all of these things may come to pass.

NOW is the time to stop him.

Get active.

Get voting

According to CNET the Senate is leaning strongly in favor of the INDUCE Act sponsored by Senator Orrin Hatch. It looks like the RIAA is making significant progress manipulating the marionette strings in Congress. MP3newswire.net states that if such laws were to pass, the record industry would become the new AMTRAK. 'Bloated and inefficient as always, but now a drain on taxpayers wallets and liberty as well'." Infoworld has a story as well. Reader CryptoEngineer writes: "Marybeth Peters, of the US Copyright Office testified recently before the Senate Judiciary committee in support of the INDUCE Act, which has been discussed here before. In summary, she thinks its not strong enough. Among other things, she proposed scrapping the Betamax decision, which makes it legal to timeshift TV shows with a VCR. Analysis here.