Rat Bastard! (updated 11/24/04 13:43)


Yesterday I was DOS'd by ######.##. I take exception to this and view it as an attack on an extension of myself. While I was still red-hot under the collar I posted an offer to pay anyone who hacked his site. Said offer is now rescinded, and I apologize for stooping so low. I received the following e-mail this morning:

From: dj28 <#####@#########.###>
To: #######@#####.###
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 08:40:21 -0500
Subject: About hacking ######.## for money
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I just happened to come across your site, and I found the URL

To be quite frank, I am very disappointed by the immaturity displayed by
that comment. Furthermore, it is highly illegal to ask for someone to
hack or otherwise harm a server, especially for monetary gain. Because
of that, I have forwarded the URL as well as a screen shot of the page
to the FBI's Cyber Crime Division.

I'm sorry that I had to do that, but you displayed a willingness to pay
someone to hack another site.
While I appreciate the concern this person showed for keeping the Internet "nice" I don't really like the attempt at intimidation by claiming to report me to the FEDs. I actually think that was a threat to get me to say "oh-shit!, I'll delete the page and hope nothing happens." That's not quite how it worked out. I instead posted an appeal to the community at large to tell me what they think: Let the offer stand or drop it. The evolution of that became this letter to all of you. I stooped low by offering to pay for a hack, after 12 hours of cooling down post attack, I've determined I should pull the offer, not because I fear the FBI (I don't), but because I really think the internet should stay "nice" (and it'll help my blood pressure to drop it).

Update: The owner of the domain in question e-mailed me an apology and banned the user from his account. As I already stated I apologize for stooping low enough to offer cash to retaliate. I also owe the owner of the domain an apology personally for assuming more than I should have. He is a nice person and I was wrong.

I was informed this morning that your site was DOS-attacked by my server. I'm
sorry for whatever problems this has caused for you. I have had my server DOS'd
completely offline a few times before, and know how emotionally intensive this
can be. I would like to stress that I have disabled the offending user's access
and contacted him. You will see no further attacks from my machine.
To reiterate, I reacted too swiftly, I should have waited a day to figure out what I wanted to do, I did not and so I am sorry :(

So that about wraps it up other than this brief message to the FBI (in case he did really report it)
Note to FBI (if indeed the e-mailer did forward this to you):
I have removed above content, seeing as I think that would be easier than playing any games.
Your office local to my part of the world knows how to get in touch with me already if you need to; tell Gary Schaaf I said hi ;-)
(you guys never throw anything away, do you?)
(EDIT: Mr. Aye was for something else *oops*)

Cheers all,