Useless Repeating Questions

Quote (from a forum about Evox):
ok, first things first
how do I install evox into my xbox?
how do I "connect" to my xbox? Do I need Xbox Live? or can a blue cable thingy "to connect DSL modems to the internet" do it?
and what about Flashfxp and stuff?

and please, don't send me a link to a tutorial, i didn't get anything out of it. and please, in plain english.

P.S. - no, i'm not a 13 year old, i'm brazilian, so it's kinda tough


I have problems with this post on multiple levels. The first one is that this person is lazy. They want everything handed to them in their own thread. I find it annoying that so many people have such a hard time understanding the tutorials that are out there that they think we need to write them a new one. Another issue I have is the "P.S. - no, i'm not a 13 year old, i'm brazilian, so it's kinda tough" as if that makes a difference. Their post was plenty fine for spelling and grammar so what's tough? Gosh how I wish people would read and ask specific questions (that make sense) By far this post is the poster child example of why once people get advanced enough to be the equivalent of xbox Guru's on the mountaintop they leave the scene, it's just too damn annoying to see the exact same questions asked over and over and over and over and over; kind of like how annoying that was. (Well seeing the same questions and people who refuse to read the stickies.)