Un-repairable torn-up mess of a D0

I have no idea if I'll ever make it work. Haven't been able to so far. Seriously trashed board. Now it's spare parts.
*update*: Pretty much stripped now :)

Well I'm not sure where to start with this box. I did not take before pictures, which is just as well because they would have made you cry. I bought this board and the matching locked retail HDD off of e-bay for $26.50. The auction description did say it was a failed mod attempt (should have said it was a disaster!)

The thumbnails below link to pop-ups of larger pics, some are as big as 1.1 meg, please conserve bandwith (if you want to save the pic to your drive that'd be great.
So, in this picture we have the topside D0 after it looks to have been worked over by an icepick attached to a jackhammer. Not quite sure what to make of this. . . . hey where's the trace that goes to the VIA?
Oh! There it is, floating over the board. This is the only picture I wish I had taken before re-working it. I simply folded the trace back over the top of the MCPx and ran a bluewire to ground.
Where is the D0 via for the TSOP? Under it of course. Who needs a TSOP anyway?
well since all the other D0's are hosed, why not this one too? Well I fixed this one also.

Once all was said and done I was able to boot from a LPC cheapmod . . . but, I am still getting an error 6 with the OEM hard disk (no biggie I say to myself, it must have been killed in shipping, I just use my 60 gigger....) Well, after putting in a drive from a perfectly good box of the same rev that was unlocked I get an error 9. Something funny with that. That is where the repair stands at this point (at least until I figure out how the IDE controller was hosed).