Job 1, both D0's, memory, & LPC points! (All trashed)

some people shouldn't solder. This is an example of that. Some pretty major damage, but all in all I got it up and running again.

When I first saw this board I could hardly believe my eyes!! It was almost completely trashed.
The alternate D0 point (click for a pop-up enlargement). Note that the test point as well as part of the trace is missing. This turned out to be relatively easy, if not tight spacing, to fix.
This picture is of the DDR memory pads directly adjacent to the alternate D0 point (click for a pop-up enlargement). I don't even understand how these got involved (I was told it was as a result of solder splash, though I have my doubts)
Here is the LPC bus after a major wreck. You will notice there are 2 VIAs missing, whilst a third (pin 16) is damaged. In fact only the annular ring was left, the whole of the barrel of the VIA being torn out. I was told this damage occurred because someone removed the pin header with pliers and without melting the solder first. !?!!

I got to work on this board a couple days after I received it and took these pictures.

Ok I'm writing the long story (at least as much of it as I can before I get too tired to finish it.)

As you likely know I am a member of the Evox and Xbox-scene forums under the handle (suprise) networkBoy. As part of the Evox forum, a few of us high posters got together and decided that since we knew how to blab enough to get our post counts either into or near the four digit mark that meant we also knew enough to spin off Team Xbox Gods (XBG for short). Well I know where my talent lies (and it's not public relations). As my profile says I make my living breaking things (in a controlled manor) so I believe I'm ideally suited to fix these boxes up to do marvelous things. Unfortunately one of my teams other members (and his buddy) don't have the same level of background in SMT rework I have. The results of their endeavor to mod the xbox were as follows *(hopefully I got this right ;):

First they solder in the pin header and use some monster gauge wire to connect the Alt D0.
Unit doesn't work. Hmmmm...
start double checking the D0 conection and burns himself with the iron (DOH!) nails a couple pads on the memory footprint and shorts them out.
Tries to un-short them and succeeds (by removing the offending pad ha ha ha ha ha!!! )
buddy rips out the LPC header with pliers (and w/o melting the solder first. Something about "solder is weak and the pin will just pull out" <-hope I got that right.
All holy hell breaks out and the board is shipped to me for resurrection (or demolition if required)
I get board, take pics, repair it, write this, laugh, and send it back priority mail.
After the alt D0 was fixed altD0_fixed.jpg (146727 bytes)
the DDR pads, fatally wounded, but not shorting out any more. blown_memory.jpg (272409 bytes)
the LPC connector pin 16 is mortally wounded and will never again be used, but cheapmods don't need it anyway :) LPC_with_blown_through_hole.jpg (404172 bytes)