Another blown D0 top trace and VIA

Another basic repair.
This week I received in a revision 1.0 xbox with (you guessed it) a shredded top D0. As luck would have it, the person working on this box knew they were in over their head and quit before the damage had become un-repairable. Take a look, some pretty pictures :)

Before we get too deep into this let me begin with: I like it when people quit before the damage it so extensive that it can't be fixed.
With that said here we go:
Here is the (missing) top D0. This particular board had the VIA torn out and the trace was missing back to the first bend. I cropped the pic to save space, but for reference the MCPx would be in the upper left corner, you are looking at the board with the Ethernet port facing you. repair_2_D0pre.jpg (97439 bytes)
Here is that same D0, after being cleaned up and having a nice length of Kynar wire attached to it and carefully soldered to the trace. repair_2_D0post.jpg (56571 bytes)
The wire heads on over to the TSOP where it rejoins to D0 here at pin 25 repair_2_tsop.jpg (132037 bytes)
The entire repair from a top view is shown here repair_2_highres.jpg (273553 bytes)
While I did not write up much about this repair I have taken the thought that this is a relatively self explanatory repair. I'd like to note that this unit had the bottom D0 soldered and the length of bare wire leading up to the solder point was hazardous. I failed to get a good picture so I haven't included it. Let's just say that the wire could have easily shorted to another via or testpoint; either of which may have been fatal.

Cheers All;