One burnt trace and a bit of damage to the LPC (My easiest repair yet!)

This little gem was bought off e-bay for $60.00. I traded the working Thompson out of it to a co-worker for his bad Thompson and $20.00. So here is what I did with a $40.00 fragging xbox. (all in all not a bad deal).

Ok folks, my faith in everybody's soldering just got a little better (though you have to take that in the context of this box being fried when I got it)
I picked this box up for $60 and promptly opened it up and had a look inside. Here is what I found:
Here is a close-up of the LPC header, (click the pic for a pop-up enlargement). What I saw was the remains of some wire embedded in the solder along with some damage to one of the annular rings (pin2). Aside from a ton of flux that hasn't been cleaned off, this looks like it will be OK.
This kind of scared me. At first I thought it was hot melt adhesive, but a closer inspection reveled it to be superglue!! Folks I need to tell you that superglue releases very toxic fumes when it gets hot (like when you solder on or very near it). Not to mention it is not too compatible with the solvent I use to clean boards. So a little acetone and I got most of it off. (damn how I wish it was hot-melt)
Well after flipping the board over we can see what killed this Xbox. The alternate D0 test-point is no more. After mumbling TAPS and some comments I got to work on this . . .
and took a close-up. Nice clean removal of the pad. Bet you couldn't do it this nice if you tried ;)

After a couple hours of work here are my results fixing this box.

I really have seen far worse, this looks like it will be quite easy.
Here is the LPC header installed and the top D0 point tied to a convenient ground (this box ain't going on live any-time soon)
The bottom of the board, alt D0 all fixed up.
the bottom of the board, this is what your LPC header soldering job should look like kiddies!

All in all this repair job wasn't too bad. I sold the Thompson DVD out of the box for $20 (plus the guys old dead Thompson), so my total cost into this box is $40 plus about 2 hour of work.